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    Golf pro Mark Fowler doesn’t mind one bit being called a “skinny old geezer”. Because at just 5’6” tall, 130-pounds, this “little old guy” actually enjoys taking on younger, stronger, more skilled scratch players in head-to-head matches. It gives him a chance to PROVE that his simple “3-step” method to 300+ yard drives really works!

    Well, now you’re about to learn everything he knows including the simple “inside step” secret to creating a massive “coil-torque” (easy trick – especially if you’re not so flexible anymore – that will “load” your swing with the amazing raw power)… the amazing “Lag Key” secret that guarantees to transfer every ounce of your body’s natural power through the ball (it’s the secret to amplifying your body’s own natural power)… the one advanced (but easy to learn) secret for keeping your power shots on target for 100% “harnessing” of your new horsepower for dead-on accuracy… dozens of simple “quick-learn” tricks including an easy “cone’ drill to guarantee your swing is on plane… the “breakaway” secret to stop you from throwing away power… the “5-inch” rule for perfectly consistent set-up… “visualization” skills to “tricking” your brain into adapting the 3-steps… and a lot more. See it all just once and you’ll NEVER forget it.

    But what’ll really amaze you is that it’s all so simple… easy to learn… and highly effective that you’ll be able to use on your very next round of golf!

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    Butt-Ugly Golf
    This Summer!

    Every year and I mean every year all my golfing buddies spend their first few games of the Spring chasing hooks and slices, taking three chips to hit the green, and putting like chimpanzees. By late June, they're finally getting into something resembling a groove... and it isn't until early August that their game starts to show signs of improvement.

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    Billy McKinney, world renouwned teaching pro has shown us in incredible drill that he only gives to his paying students. It is a must see for any golfer.

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    One Simple
    "Magic Move"

    Doesn't matter if you're totally out-of-shape, or can barely bend over to pick up your ball without creaking anymore! You simply use these easy secrets to instantly unlock the scary turbo-charged potential in your swing.
    Add 50-to-70 yards to your very next tee shot, no matter how bad you've been playing lately… GUARANTEED!


    Pro Secrets to Powerful and Accurate Golf" is a fully-illustrated 14-page report written by Bobby Schaeffer revealing professional golf secrets.


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